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Lauren Nicole is motivated by the satisfaction she feels by assisting people reach and, in some cases, surpass their goals. Lauren is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Health & Fitness coach who cut her teeth in the fitness industry as an athlete. Playing sports at various levels for a decade introduced her to the value of having a results-based strategy to achieving fitness goals. Lauren demonstrates her love of people by sharing her knowledge with others in an effort to assist them in enhancing their quality of life through fitness. She is a self-professed results nut.


Although she has great victories under her belt, not everything has come easy to Lauren. Like may others, she has faced many challenges achieving her personal fitness goals and uses those experiences and knowledge to the advantage of her clients. Some of her sports injuries include a cracked sternum, two torn ACLs, and three knee surgeries. One of the results of these multiple serious injuries was atrophy (muscle loss). She has been able to bounce back from those injuries, create the healthy and fit lifestyle she desired, and has ascended to a level where she can coach others to realize their fitness goals.


Lauren's strength is her ability to meet clients where they are and work diligently to help them actualize their goals. She is an expert in working with athletes, former athletes, individuals that have suffered major injuries, and designing  meal reccomendations for the client's fitness regimen. Lauren Nicole has also earned her advanced certification as a Women's Fitness Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


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