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Here's What They're Saying...

"Lauren is an amazing personal trainer! She is extremely personable and will help you with your diet and exercise goals. She's not only nice, but she'll also make you work your butt off in the gym!" - Nicole C.


"Excellent trainer, very engaging!!!" - Angela W.


"​If you are looking for a trainer who will NOT push and show up every time you train then Lauren is not the trainer for you. She pushes you and challenges you in every way imaginable.. She just doesn't talk the talk but she walks it as well. Her meal plans or schedules in my case are great. You want someone who cares about you reaching your goals and she does her part in assisting you in reaching those goals... You will not be sorry that you trusted her with your lifestyle change....."  - Wivory


"My trainer Lauren allowed me to find the best in myself so that I could meet my personal training goals. Her positive energy, constructive criticizm, and constant feedback made it easy for me to want to go to the gym and never be complacent." - Lori O.

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"Lauren is awesome; she assessed my nutritional needs during our interview and customized a meal plan, after analyzing the findings.  She also helped me develop more core strength, as well as cardiovascular stamina.  All of the above resulted in significant (30 lbs) weight loss in 3 months time. Thanks Lauren you are the Best." - Al C.

"My fitness experience while doing it online was a great experience for me personally. Coach Lauren was hands on with my training and if I had any questions on anything from meal planning to excercise  training they were answered in a timely fashion.  Motivation was never a problem in staying committed." - Sheldon L.


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